8 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Ultimates Volume 1 (1-13)

So since I'm back I've decided to go into the well kept wife run library and look up some old comics. If you consider 2004 to be old.

So for the last few years Marvel tried something new. They re-started their older classic characters, Spiderman and the X-Men with a new modern twist. The stories are refreshing and attention grabbing without being some sort of poor man re-hash of older tales. In this new genesis, the characters are deeper from the start. It allowed writers and artists to try something new and bold without disrupting the current Marvel continuity.

It was a bold gamble and it worked. Ultimate Spiderman is considered by some to be even better then the original. Characters were introduced, they died and stayed dead.

It would not be long before the inspiration for the 2012 box office shattering flick came to print.

It's funny when I looked back inside and I see that a Mr. Joss Wheadon wrote the introduction 8 years ago.

So the Avengers are here.

Mark Miller and Brian Hitch would remake one of the greatest team-ups in the comic world. Always a second player to the more known DC team-up of the Justice League, the Avengers kept the feeling that separated DC from the House of Ideas.

The Avengers was originally an excuse to work in various Marvel characters and tell some stories that would otherwise be impossible in their own individual books.

Ulitmates was not the same idea. The Idea was simple, SHIELD director Nick Fury... who was modeled after Samuel Jackson. You know the guy from the flick... seems that fate keeps putting these people together? Anyways he puts together a bunch of dudes to fight shit that needs to be set right.

-- Art --

Ultimates Volume One (collecting Issues 1-13) has got it all. Great detail, you really feel Giant Man's size. Captain America is a red-white-blue ass kicking soldier out of time. Iron Man is as Hitch explains, "A man wearing an F-18". Thor is a hippy and Hulk is an angry old nerd who eats people.

This is a win, the colour is tamed but vibrant enough with excellent shadowing and full on use of blacks. Hitch is not afraid to use black to frame the details he takes so much care in putting down on paper and contrast Paul Mounts' use of the colour palate. It's magic and it works.

-- Story --

Millar introduction of the Cap is awesome. "He says 'Parachutes are for Girls" - Bucky

In the last fight Cap once again gets another awesome line "You think this letter on my head stands or France?" - Stephen Rodgers

Those are just two examples of what Millar does right. He work is brilliant.

-- Rate --
This is an easy 5. Everything about this comic was done right. No matter what you currently think of the Ultimate Marvel Universe this was one of the best stories that came out of the early years. This was the foundation for a slew of great stories. I'm sad about where it is now but back in the day, like some movie star before the coke and hookers, Ultimates was great.

Go read the collected hardcover Volume today. It looks great on your shelf and even better when you read it.