6 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun – The Rise of Movie Batman

If you read past the break you will see spoilers.

Go see The Dark Knight Rises if you liked Christopher Nolan’s previous two runs with the Batman. If you did not like those two films stop and pick another flick.

This movie is the end of his run with Batman.

This is the final act of a guy who lost his parents, got angry, travelled the world, learned how to be a ninja from eco terrorists and took to dressing as a human symbol of fear and justice with a Bat motif to fight previous mentioned eco-Ninja’s, anarchist clown and a clever, pain killer breath mask wearing terrorist.

This series is not about Bruce Wayne. It’s about Batman the outcome of Batman on himself and others; the people, the police, family and the villains... It reminded me of the Wire, where the city was the largest character in the series. 

This movie is the end and should not be continued unless, the team behind the previous three decide to do the Dark Knight Returns story line by Miller with a less ‘Super’ twist. Any attempt to continue from this film will ruin the ending given to the audience. I think the Miller story could keep the weight and impact of Nolan's end game because the whole point of the story is one more go... once more into the breach. It would have to be that type of story and yet didn't we already get that story. 

Too many maybe's and could be's... let us focus on what we have.

When you watched the final moments of the film you wandered about Batman, the city and how it treats him. You pondered the implications of the new signal and the new Batman or will he be Robin, maybe Nightwing. When that young ex-cop rose out of the water, you knew something else was going to happen. That something we'll never see. Instead the questions rip through the brain and litter us with ideas and questions. Will Bruce continue to run around, will Alfred return to work for the new Dark Knight in what ever form… the list goes on.

That list that flashing through your head after experiencing the film is what makes the ending. It leaves enough for us to imagine but not enough to make it final. The possibilities of the future are the best part of the film. Showing any possible future, unless it’s the story mentioned above, will fail. It will ruin the possibilities that we enjoyed, relished and anguished over. Those flashes of what could be, will become instead a wet fizzle leaving us in many cases of unknowing disappointed and bitter.

Maybe it’s the culture? We have to know. We as an audience must be fed, the need to experience outside of the story is possibly that strong. But does the artist need to feed that hunger? Is he beholden to provide another meal? Why can’t we enjoy the wanting, the hunger, the need?

It’s too bad that we have to stop and look to understand the seeds left in us after such a story. It’s sad that we have become use to being fed everything we cry out for. Yet, a moment to think and you come to reseal. Nolan took us here and the story is done.

Come to terms with it.

Nolan took the Batman and made some neat stories about Batman. This Batman was a non-olypmic level athlete and world class chess master. This guy was a smart and physically well trained person. The toll on his body and his mind is a constant theme in the movies, more so than in the comics. This Batman doesn’t have all the answers, but once he understands he’s smart enough to make a plan and run with it.

My views on the Batman character have already been made in a previous post.

I just glad we got a real ending to a real Batman.

Mr. Nolan, here is your slow clap.