20 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Movie Theatre

Before the average person was able to actually afford a large sized TV and fancy sound system there was only one way which you could fully enjoy the cinematic experience.

You would go to the cinema aka the Movie Theatre.

You accepted the ridiculous cost of snacks and drinks all so you could enjoy the film with some treats that could increase your happy levels.

Today that has changed.

Now the cost of a ticket is more then a ten. Pop corn and drinks considered to be cheep at home is so very costly at the local movie snack stand. Even with coffee, and various fast food injections the cost of food and the cinema itself is just no longer as viable.

Unless the film has some of that, big screen, loud noises, 3D experience - why not rent?

No really folks I’m asking as the normal guy. I’m not even talking about anyone with any disabilities. Where you get forced into limited seating or the subtitles or fancy headphones fail to help you enjoy the movie. My cuz, Tzar’s brother aka B3, Charging Pun, CP has a hearing aid. In many cases, he’s going to wait for the DVD and watch it without any bullshit.

I’m serious. The cost of a projector for a 6 foot screen with HD resolution is in many cases cheaper then the LED TV at 48 inches. I know when I get around to sorting out a place to live, casta de la Dozer, I’ll be looking at making a wall a HD screen for movie flicks or fancy-dancy TV shows.

Why not?

When me and the wife go out to a flick, we’re looking at 25$ for the tickets after taxes. Once you add in drinks, candy and the coffee (my new favourite thing to get with a slushy at the theatre) you’re looking at another 20$.

What the douch?

The DVD brand new is in many cases much better, with features, seating and cheaper snacks. Plus I can pause, rewind, adjust volume, lighting and forgo the film and turn it into a session of foreplay leading to relations with me wife.

Why does the cinema industry not see this? Why does the production houses, the film studios and distributors not understand?

Now I’m not saying I was going to wait for Dark Knight Rises or dare I say Avengers to come out on BlueRay/DVD. Fuck no! Those flicks were great and I’m happy I paid the cost. It’s the films like Ted, Borne Legacy, Total Recall who look good but unless I really want to see that flick for some odd reason or going on cheap night, I see myself waiting. I’m not the only one who thinks this. Go to a Cineplex on Tues night (The larger theater chain where I live) when it’s close to 6$ a flick or 12$ for a ticket, a small drink and popcorn you see that the place is packed.

Yet I don’t want to fight the crowds, I like my creature comforts and cheep foods. So even then I avoid the theater. Now some restaurants have deals. Our favourite is next to the Empire 24 Kanata, where you pick anything on the menu and you get a single ticket for 17$. Me and the wife use that deal for our date nights.

Yet the new management no longer serves coffee.

Another reason for me to stay home and wait for Netflix, iTunes and Zune to give me what I want when I want.

There is a reason I didn’t see ‘In Time’ until two weeks ago.

Enjoy the Show.