13 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun – Film: In Time

A Justin, you’ve come such a long way from... what the name of your retched boy band?

I don’t know remember, possible post-hypnotic block imposed by greater sources of music from the 1990’s. Oh by the by, the 90’s didn’t suck, it’s just that the 90’s that most people experienced was not very good while the rest of us wandering in liminal culture had a real good time.

Now then where was I? Ah yes, good old Dick in a Box, J.T.

I hate to say it but I liked his last solo album, I listened to it while on a plane and enjoyed quite a few of the songs. After his first solo album, I knew he was good but he never struck me with enough force to purchase his work.

Well I did. I am an owner of a J.T. music album.

His acting work has been also quite a shock with the fact that he can be pretty good.

Wait, wait... is this a review of the film In Time starring J.T. or a review of J.T.?

In Time is a neat sci-fi flick with a great idea. Go see the trailer, I’m not going to rehash the premise of the flick in writing. J.T. character who’s name escapes me (not a good sign) gets a butt load of time and causes havoc eventually earning the affections of a rich girl and the two go all Robin/Marian, Bonny/Clyde, etc. Stealing time and giving it away.

The plot is basic, the acting is standard and well done. The set pieces evoke a cold world ruled by slow walking rich who have more time then they can spend while the poor learn to run.

There were a few great moments and they had little to do with the main plot.

J.T.’s mate who gets rich and the choice he makes. A great way to explore (if albeit briefly) issues of a lower economic class spending newfound wealth, and the issues of substance abuse as a way to medicate a social situation. It didn’t hit me until the end but his drunk buddy and his wife don’t even have enough time to see their child grow up.

Moments like this were too few and far between.

I found the setting and the premise were more interesting then the film’s plot.

Another positive aspect of the flick is the girl/boy never get time to hook up ‘properly’, they are always interrupted. You can tell they like each other but unlike every other semi-action flick or variation thereof they never find the time that is always present in their counterparts to get down and do it. It always bothered me that every action hero was able to screw in the middle of whatever danger they had to work through. There was always enough time to bang.

Is In Time worth the cost of a ticket even after leaving the theatre? On a cheep night yeah, but so far my Netflix account is a pretty great price so far.

Film is a score of 3 while the premise is a easy 5. Could be worse, could be better.