24 Aug 2012

Friday Utterance - FU PQ

Once more the lack of foresight comes from the province of Quebec.

They are not helping the stereotype.

Once again, I’m a Canadian of French heritage. My last name is of French origin, I speak it almost as poorly as I do my English. The Wife is bilingual and her maiden name is also of French origin. Hell her old man is from the bloody province. Many of my mates hail from the land of Qubexico as well. I just spent a weekend in the area and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I just hates it when them tricksey hobbits - urm, politicians riles up the people with the pitch forks and torches.

Read this Link then join me inside for my reply.

“qu’est-ce que fuck?”

Are they that dumb? Seriously, unless one wants to sow the seeds of a poor man’s civil war (see that GnR ref?) breaking the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is dumb. Well the first big break is in Sec 3:

“Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein.”

Nowhere in there does that allow you to say “Hey you French wanker, you don’t speak French in Ontario you can’t run for office.” If that did happen, I know quite a few Northern Ontario communities that would be up in arms. Now apply the same with different ‘Official Languages’ (CR&F: Sec 16-1) in a different province.

Lets try Quebec. Notice how the argument doesn’t change.

Now I understand the failings of French in Canada and the slippery slide into oblivion. The world is changing but this knee-jerk reaction is not helping. If you look at the stats in Quebec, it’s not even slowing the decline of use. Look at Wales and you see the same problem but the population is increasing the use of Welsh. Two different ways to solve the issue and only one is working.

Hell in Canada we only have two official languages. South Africa has eleven. Now they have a few other issues, but language is not one of them right now.

A few simple Facts supported with some data and analysis.

English is the language of money. People code software primarily using English syntax’s. Now Hindi and the various Chinese languages have more people speaking those languages but their secondary language is English due to the need to create products outside of their borders and to elect trade with foreign populations. In other words in order to maintain the high levels of wealth you need to sell stuff beyond your own people. English people are buying, so you make sure to have a large group of people who also speak English.


Isolationist history and preserving cultural identity within countries has prevented the widespread acceptance of those languages by people outside of the country of origin. You must also add up the acceptance of the receiving country/group/population. Example is English people want products in English.

If China exported people instead of products, the linguistic landscape would change very quickly. Look at French-Indo China. Before the First World War, the second most spoken language in Pacific Asia was French, due to the historical use of French for commerce, treaties and travel. Within a full generation after World War II, the language of Trade was English after a short imposed use of Japanese for close to a decade from before the war until its end.

Unless the number of people speaking a language overwhelms the number of people in an area the original language will stand.

An example is nicely provided by Mr. Joss Wheadon.

Now go look at the TV Firefly. Watch and be amazed. Great series. That guy who did Avengers (wrote and directed) did Firefly. Notice the language the characters switch too? Chinese dialect much? Why?

Well if we left earth, the boarders established on our planet would be replaced by the borders and limitations of the space craft/colonies. Now more people, which the Chinese and Indians do have on us individual American and European countries, means more ships.

You have to also estimate the countries with the resources and materials to craft, man and launch said exodus. Unless you’re missing something, India, Russia and China are pretty high on those lists at this moment. Some countries in South America, with the amount of resources and changes in development, are not that far behind if they are given some time.

This would change the balance of language. In the vacum of space, survivable space is at a premium. By the by that’s space inside the spaceship, a planet and colony

The speakers of non-english languages would have more ships because they have more people. Their language would begin to influence the spoken language of the other speaking populations. Slowly over time a few things would happen.

1. The Primary language would absorb the most common uses of the Secondary language adding it to the Primary language use. Look at Creole and Afrikaans as examples.

2. The Secondary language may take up a place for a specific use. Trade and commerce are common uses for a whole Secondary language. Historical examples include when Latin was the language of education, or Greek was the universal language between Africa, Asia and Europe.

3. The Secondary language starts to replace the Primary language in common use and the Primary language would adjust and perform one of the two previous options mentioned above. “Change Places!” – Mad Hatter

4. Non Primary languages would be kept in a form of communal use within small groups and communities. This non-Primary language would be used to maintain a cultural identity and be used by speakers only within those groups as a way to keep a level of solidarity and individuality from the rest of the population. Think of a North American China Town, or Little Tokyo.

Now the above is simple info derived from a few university courses in linguistics, history and social science. It's all theory until it get's proven.

"Hind sight is 20/20, maybe I've shouldn't have drank that many." - Ze Frank, The Show

So yes PQ, that’s Party Key-Beck-Qwah, you’re full of the dumb when you rpoduce such ideas. Stop making noise and earn the trust of your constituents on issues that are actually constructive. If the people do vote for you, understand you’re spreading discord and not creating a stable environment for your language and survival of your unique culture.

Language is everywhere.

It’s great. It’s how you read my worthless shit on this electronic medium, from the syntax of code in blogger, to my own additions in forms of text.