10 Jul 2012

The week off - BOHICA

Ladies and Gents pass me the pillow, seems I need something to bite because of BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again).

I'm in school, my employer has allowed me to take time off to take one of my classes during the day. The other class is at night. Since these are spring/summer classes, each class is 3 hours long and they arrive twice a week.

It's hard and with the fact that all of my classes are Lit classes, I'm balls deep in paperbacks... I'm reading alot.

This week I arrived to my second night class.

I arrived 3 weeks late.

Seems I read the wrong time table present by the University of Ottawa. Seems there is a large difference between Spring/Summer 2012 and Summer 2012. The table is not clear and because of that obfuscation I'm eating the error.

Now I'm behind the eight ball and some large gentileman, who by the by is far from gentil, is right behind me.

Even with help garnered from the Ombudsperson... time is against me.

So there is a giant pile of shit and no matter what happens, I need to eat it.

So this week, don't expect much from me. I have 7 days to write three essays drop a mid term and finish my course load before the end of the month.