5 Jul 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Brothers

Two years ago, CP, had a crack in his foundation. The spring thaw important to us northern born Canadians became a curse as it does each year as the wet melting snow and ice becomes water and seeps into the cracks of the concrete. One cold day re-freezes the water and widens the crack.
This is how foundations die in the north.

So my younger sibling, Big Bear, visited CP and helped him replace the frame and drywall after the foundation repair people did their work. It took a year during which CP was blessed with another little girl when the room was back to normal. The Den, was a part time Man Cave and full time theater seating for the family.

I was there when the room was ready for guests. My wife and slept over on an air mattress before she left to visit her family, now my in-laws. I was play Splinter Cell: Conviction with CP when I noticed a puddle in the carpet.

The Thaw had struck again and this time it was not the short half wall, it was the whole length of the basement’s width. The room was ruined, only 24 hrs before fate took a semblance of peace in CP’s home.

I was less then pleased. I felt that someone had hurt one of my own... by the by. I don’t like that.
So I put out a call out to the community of family, friends and known experts.

A year passed because I got married and I had no time.

Well I have time now.

This ladies and gents is a room built by brothers. Some by blood some by friendship, all of them are brothers. Some provided skills; Wolf was a framer for almost five years. Vandread and Sarge pitched in supplies and tools. My sibling matched my dollar for dollar offering as I picked up the odd donation from mates and people who knew CP and his wife.

Old Bear has been doing well these last few months and he is giving me and the bro extra coin as dividends. We fought him but he replied “It’s not about you, it’s about me and what I see when I look into the mirror.” So we took the needed extra quid and carried on... we also paid it forward and with all the other help and donations of time, effort, supplies and coin... we built the room.

This is a room built by family, a brotherhood of crews coming from as far as six hours away by car.

This is a room, this is evidence that people help people. That family is more than a shared name and blood line. Family is family because we gather and help each other out when we get hit. If not then what’s the point of family.

So life bring it on, we’ll still be here ready to pool and rebuild what you keep knocking down.