3 Jul 2012

Table Top Tues - The First Game

Sorry for the late post folks, but I was up last night living the experience I'm using as my subject for the post. Last night I pulled out Tzar's almost finished gift (look up last weeks post), and played a first time game with CP his older brother.

By the by, I'm visiting CP and the reason and purpose of my visit will be posted on Thurs. 

He played Menoth while I played Khador. I won, top turn three with the Sorsha assassination run. CP held his own and almost wrecked one of the two 'jacks Khador gets in the started box, too bad his dice didn't hold there own.

So what did CP think of the game?

As far I I've been told by CP, he loves the game. The many factions and the differences between each 'caster/'lock in each faction really shows depth for him in the game and the selection of play styles. He likes the more complex rules but the lower model count and lower cost of models (compared to the English workshop of games)

He yammered for 30 mins about just the options and possibilities and what he could have done.

Not once did he complain about the game being broken, maybe the dice dropping the ball, but hey... the dice give and the dice take.

For me it was refreshing to play with someone not hardened by the hobby and the community. I tend to play with lots of newer players simply because of the attitude of fresh young minds, full of ideas and vigor for the hobby. Those who win and lose well get offers from me to play again.

For CP, the game was a game. A game he could play, that he picked up with ease and could explore later if and when he had time. I doubt he will buy into the game, that's ok, most of us have plenty of dudes but we at least have another player. He can join in the reindeer games and play along when we come and visit. Once again CP gets to keep his joy and escape the world when it comes down on him.

We all need our escapes, sometimes it's just learning a new game, sometimes its showing someone something new. We can all enjoy our hobby even if you're not the most invested.

Dozer needs to get back below and work the room Thursdays update will have all the info on what I'm doing here.

From Southern Ontario - Cheers.