26 Jun 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun – Warmachine Two Player Starter Box

So Tzar, my cousin, is getting the hitched. As per the second post of this whole blog, he is a big time 40k lover. It’s the IP he loves and some of the minis are very pretty… but you can see the desire for more. The cost and the dwindling quality of pieces with clunky rules that have been dated for years has started to dull that shine in his eyes. I admit to having that same look every once and a while.

I never got around to putting together and painting that whole Space Marine chapter with Mk8 armor, Scribor Lion Shoulder Pads, and facy resin bases... one day when I have time and the desire to hobby paint. Sure but until then, I have plenty of other dudes to paint and put together.

... only a short diviation in topic, I'm getting better...

I picked up the Warmachine Starter box for Tzar and I’m painting them up right now. To go with the work I've also collected a small carry case, tokens, card sleaves (color coded), templates from the various other people in the area. Yet the core, the very nuggit center of this delight is the Two Player WarMachine Starter Box.

What do I think of it?

Fucking go out and buy it. No lie, no bullshit. It’s awesome.

Cost and Value: 5

The value is simply the best for anyone willing to try out the game. They took the already brilliant priced Battlegroup Starters and added a heavy infantry unit to each faction. All at the cost, or cheaper in some cases, of two Battlegroup Starters. I wish they made this deal with each faction but hell I’ll take what I can get. After picking this up for someone else, I can see myself picking this up for me in the future.

You get two factions: Khador and the Protectorate of Menoth, pSorsha and pKreos with their respective started box 'jacks and a unit of Man-O-War Shocktroops and Examplar Cinerators. That's a lot of units. Total points provided is 15 for Khador and 16 for Menoth.

That's plenty for a Journyman league (hit up the PP site for more info) and with a small purchas or two you're at 25 pts and a stones throw from the tournament minimume of 35pts. No other game has such a right ratio of, cost to models to playabilty.  I picked up an eight dollar 'caster to throw in (pVlad) and Tzar's already got a head start with his faction of choice.

Casting and Model Quality: 4

Privateer Press have really come around in updating and cleaning up some of their units. The new plastics are genius and clean up many of the small inconsistencies of their model range. Since then the plastics have a more united feel to the way they’ve been coming out. The level of detail is pretty good minus some mold lines, but if you’re in the hobby and mold lines get in your way, you need a new hobby. That’s like saying you hate the smell of burning rubber when you drag race for fun.

Now I’m magnetizing all the units and so far the Khador ‘jacks have been easy and fun to put together and paint but I’m already seeing issues when I do the same to the Menoth ‘jacks. The Man-O-War extra heads were also easy to magnetize so Tzar can swap heads as he wants. My only issue with all the parts and pieces is the two rank nibbles and bits for Khador and where they go. I’ve used them to spruce up my Man-O-War leader because I don’t know where to put them. But this is a small issue.

Gameplay: 4

Privateer Press have made a great game, Warmachine and Hordes have survived and exploded since its release in Mk1. The game has a lot of depth when you dig past the simple, 2d6 + Stat system. Like all games there is always some uneven weight or the odd crack but at least it is most even system I've seen and the game can be picked up quikcly by former 40k players once they figure out the action sequence.

Is this the best Table Top game ever? No, there is no such thing. Is this one of the best games being played, devloped and published to day? Yes, it's fun and the community is very nice to new players.

Parting Shots and Final Overall Rating:

Now don't forget they also add in a portable full colour rule book, a mini No Quarter magazine, quick rules and an Introduction Folder that goes over the basics of each model and you have a steal. If I was in the shoes of Privateer Press, I would have added in templates and a token set for each faction and add another 10-20$ to the tag.
Final Score: 5

This product is great for older players, new players or people looking to paint and play with a small faction in order to enjoy the game without really buying into the hobby. If you're looking at starting one of the two factions included, pick this up. You can split the cost with someone else or simply accept you may be playing the other included faction sometime later. Hell extra dudes to show off and introduce another opponent is always good.

So all in all a great product from Privateer Press. They’ve shown off the Circle/Legion within the Hordes Two Player Starter Box and it looks just as good.

Next Week: Nomad Support Boxset for Infinity (If it comes in by then)