12 Jun 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Human Sphere

I've mentioned this game before but as this is the third Thusday post I feel like I need to hit the game Infinity before I get labeled as Privateer Press only.

In the wargame world you accept the presence of the six side die, or d6 for short. How many games don't use the d6 in their mechanic? Well that's a hard question and I don't know enough games to give a real answer. I do know of one, Infinity. 

It uses the big boy, made famous by Tatical Simulation Rules better acknoledged as TSR. The makers of the table top miniature wargame Chain Mail and the pen and paper role playing game that followed, born from the Chain Mail rule set. That game was Dungeons and Dragons. 

Cue dark skies, run the thunder, flash the lights.

The tweenty sided die or d20 is used by Corvus Belli.

Who the fuck are these people? They broke all the rules, shattering them to have the shards fall around our heads. The floors glisten with what left of the illusions of the other games. They broke the rules so well, leaving only fine sprinkles of dust that in recompense they chose to give the rules for free.

Yes go onto their website, infinitythegame.com, download the pdf and enjoy. Infinity is worth the price of free. It's an ever evolving game that get updates and changes every so often. Each rule change, army addition and errata is added to the core rules, adjusted and put back in the free or best bin.

You see Privateer Press found a place to compete with Games Workshop, the big daddy of the wargame hobby. They took on the giant and through superior quality in rules, models and community they are rising to fight the monsters of the Hammers. If only to give you another choice. They beat the Workshop at their own game, they played it better.

Going back to Corvus Belli, Infinity is proof you don't need to beat Games Workshop. You can just be a good game and you'll sell. They came up with a smaler model list of such high quality our ilk could not but drool and desire such models. The game mechanics are a strange beast, but quick once you get past the programming of other game systems. The d20, the ARO, Crits... the lingo is littered with some new jive but the essence is still the same. 

So what did Corvus Belli do?

When you offer awesome, you will be ok. People will vote with the wallet. The rise of the game Infinity has encouraged other games to step out of the shadows and try to show the rest of the world that is table top wargaming. 

You see, Infinity is the not the replacement it's the other real choice. It does not tell you to pick one, it says you can have more then one. It's a simple choice to try out and look at what Infinity means. Its the big shift in the world of table top gaming. Not because it's the first. Because it's different and it's so different that the quality looks even greater when you get close to examine whats wrong with this game. 

Like every game it has it's flaws, there is no prefect game... i'll get to that another day. 

Good games come real close. Their efforts and evolution are worthy of the struggle. 

So take at look at what else is out there. Google the keywords below and enjoy.

Sedition Wars, Malifux, Anima Tactics and of course Infinity.