28 Jun 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Suns

We walk in our lives creating what we want to be. We work so hard to justify this small insufferable existence to ourselves and to others that we forget how important each individual person is.

We are great suns of life; we burn and attract others in our orbit. We are bright and large, some are brighter and some are larger. Some implode after time; others burn out and cut a swath of destruction across the various universes we have become part of.

We after time grow close to others. We pull them in and they in turn pull us in into their orbit. The various energies lick, touch and kiss each other as the forces of each sun mingle and mix. At times they join and burn brighter then anything else around them.

There are also those who burn each other and over time grow distant as they pull each other apart. The energy, the caressing flow between these bodies of light and warmth has not changed but they are destroying each other. So the bright suns pull away trailing ash and debris, memories of what was once so powerful and great.

It hurts so much.

It hurts because pain reminds us that we are not minute specs of life in teaming hives of humanity. It reminds us that we are each grand and filled with powerful energies that burn as bright as the sun.

The pain reminds us we are not alone. We are each important and valued.

That's the cost of loving someone.

I wrote this a while back. Events in recent memory have made me go back it, give it a good scrub and put it here for new readers (ha) to gander at.