7 Jun 2012

Thursday Thoughts – Riots

Canada has been pretty angry these days. Last week I went on about some of my opinions on the Quebec student protests. This week I’m hungry like wolf, queue music…

So like the big bad wolf, I have a question.

Why do you go around and break stuff, hurt people or get completely out of control? Why do you not understand you’re not hurting the government or other targeted groups? You hurt your community and you hurt your cause. You become villains for your actions; you raise the very people you need for change to rally against you. You hurt their jobs, their stores and their streets. You’re the one wearing masks…

On a side note, only bad guys and superheroes where masks. You folks are not mobs filled with Batman. You’re this this guy.

Yeah, you’re a douche.

I understand the moral ‘right’ to rise up and engage against injustice, oppression and violence. That ‘right’ is based on self defence, for when you are being attacked. Yet self defence is a gray area. You fight hard, but trying not to become the same or worse then those you fight. You’re fighting towards an end, only long enough to solve the issue and return to peace. The moment self defence grows past that end you are now assaulting; you are no longer in the gray.

The whole idea of that end, that reason for taking up arms and defending your rights is the protection you trust when you cross over into violence. It may never protect you after all the bullets are spent, fires put out and bodies buried but you made the effort with that understanding… or did you?

I fail to see the reason behind the recent violence at the protests and riots in Canada. What justifies the destruction and rage? Is Canada that bad off, are we in such dire needs that armed revolt is the solution? Are we that similar to the uprisings across the world in less stable nations that we need to take up torches, pitchforks and anger to assault the castle on high?

I don’t think so. We (sic Canada) may be slow to change or fail to keep change but is it worthy of rising up in arms bring fire and blood to the streets and homes of our neighbours?

No, Canada is not.

Understand that when you start violence you are inviting more violence. Do not cry out that you have been shot or put down in a rough fashion. You were violent and the response is measured against the sole objective to end the violence. Sound familiar… this response is the self defence of the community. We in Canada have made it the right to defend itself from within and outside. The Police are allowed to get rough. The Army when called will play rough. The Army trains to win wars, not hug you or rescue kittens from trees.

Mind you the Police and Military when acting under what's called 'Aid to Civil Authority' do not have a blank check. They work within rules, the same rules you have discarded. I think it’d be hard to stand on your box crying out against the rules and then demanding that your rival adheres to them as well. I most cases they are following the rules you have broken. Yes they are given leeway, but they still have to pay for the leverage they use on occasion.

Oh, time for me to sum up.

My parents had two things to say about violence.

Mama Bear would say ‘If you’re going to play rough, expect to get hurt. If you don’t want to get hurt (sic unwilling) then don’t play rough.’

Old Bear would say ‘I don’t want to see you boys fighting when I get back. If you do I’ll kill the winner.’

Violence comes at a cost, I’m not sure those who’ve recently taken to the streets with violence or to do violence understand the cost. To be fair, it’s a much debated topic if violence or when violence is accepted, no one has the answer but we all come to understand there is a cost. Someone will pay for the blood, the fire and the loss.

Think next time figure out if you’re willing to go that far into debt.

The gamble is yours.