21 Jun 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Leadership

Some recent events have left me pondering the need of better leadership. I will not say this is a political post but if there are anyone who reads this… pause… cricket sounds… pause, and is in a political post I’d be happy to get some feedback.

Leaders require one thing. Those who are willing to follow other wise you’re participating in a form of masturbatory, non sexually gratifying, social positioning. It’s odd stop looking at it and understand you need people to lead if you are to be a leader.

Leadership has been a topic of writing since the days of ancient Urg when Tug and Tro decided to listen to him. There are various ways of leading so many in fact I may spend a few blogs on the subject.

Now here is a big key to understanding followers of a leader. Leaders work for them. I’ll bring you back up to the top and remind you that you need them so in essence you work for the people because they are willing to listen to you.

Baby steps here folks, baby steps.

So what about when you’re left in charge?

So you’ve been given the responsibility to perform a task. Here is a question did you get the authority as well?

Do you have the power that goes with the responsibility given to you?

If not… find a way out of that place. You’re fucked.

“Put your head between your legs and kiss you ass goodbye.” – Old Bear, too often said

If you do not have the power/authority that comes in parcel with that responsibility, ask for it or turn it down. You must be able to defend and make choices when dealing with your responsibility. Otherwise you’re a meat puppet to dance on strings of hopes and dreams.

Understand that if you fail at your responsibility you also get to hang for it when things go south on you. So understand what you’re getting into and dive in but make sure you’re the one who gets the reward and the wrath and not just one of those things.

If someone else has taken your responsibility from you or ousted your authority here is some advice. Be 100% correct when you re-claim it, or you'll lose credit with your followers and your own bosses. If you’re wrong you need to look at why you were pushed aside on the first place and if you should be there at all. Depending on what you decide remember that if you do leave, cut all ties from it in order to lessen any repercussions if it fails and any glory if it works.

Don't be a dick, pay attention and make sure you are ready to do the job.

Here is a hint: Surround yourself with awesome people and do right by them. You'll see that your efforts are returned and your team will help you to complete the task and make it as good as possible. Teams complete tasks, leaders just show them how to do it together.

Next Week: Fuck Knows?