31 May 2012

Thursday Thoughts - 2 Days Later

I'm biking back from my class at the University of Ottawa. I have have close to 9km left as I bike through the downtown before hitting the outskirts of core and start reaching the neighboring residential areas. It's around 815pm, I left my house that morning at 655am with the wife, did a fulls days of work at my job before hitting the books and going to school.

Yes I am in school. This burst of life killing, taking 12 hours a week of class on top of my job and my previous hobbies. Oh yeah I'm married, need to keep that one going. I also pay a dumb amount of cash for my education...

Oh you see what I'm doing here.

I hit the corner of Laurier and Lyon and vola crowds of young people with French banners. Not an English sign in sight. I find this odd. While Canada does have two official languages and I can use both, albeit very poorly as you can read here, I was in Ontario. Capital of the country lies in an primarily English province on the border of the main French province, Quebec. Some of call it Quebexico... because it needs some work and it feels like a whole new country. A shit image of the rest of Canada at times, but not my Canada.

Oh me and the wife have lived in Quebec, we both work there every so often. I like some places in Quebec but the province is filled with... a plethora of ass. It's not the people, most of the time I hate most of the human race. It's the way the province is run and the reaction of its citizens. Oh don't move to Quebec, you'll get the Welcome tax.

"Howdy neighbor, welcome to the hood. Oh by the by, pay up and I hope you speak only one language because we don't support anything else minus... " you get the picture. 

Quebec is a neat part of the country filled with it's unique history, odd people and very, very imposing language laws. Oh sure it's to preserve the cultural identity of the French people. I'm one of them and so is my wife, we get it. We also are multi-lingual like most European countries, she is better at French then me. But Quebec is trying to force the French in the province.

Wales did this, but they took another route. Read the linguistic history of the place, its neat and violent at times, but they came to a compromise. They took the idea of inclusion rather then segregation... but this is not a language post its about pots and pans.

Pots and what the fuck, pans. Is this Battle Royal on the streets of the Canadian capital.

Alas no.

It's the French Spring... or so they say.

They are equating the hike in student fees for post secondary education and the outcry in reaction to the massive political, social and violent changes sweeping the Arab world. Very gauche, very gauche. Good job in undervaluing what going over there by making it about you.  You bang pots and pans in relation, like in Chile... during the 70's. Oh this is a cacerolazo cacerolada.

I get it...

Kinda... well not really.

So they are forcing us to address issues like the astronomical costs of a post-secondary education, the decreasing value of a real world bachelor's degree and the fact that we are already in a heavily taxed nation.

I wana say 'Suck it up butter cup.' I've been paying more for my education since I started my university degree in 2002 then the students in Quebec. I get the cost is high, my cost is high. Yet I find that I can't just sum up my wretched heaving loathing of these students protesters with a simple suck it up. That's rude and well if I'm finding them to be ignorant, suck it up makes me worse then them.

Most people in many countries have to pay huge amounts for any level of education. Yet you need to recognize the quality of that education. Bangladesh a 40% is a pass, 60% is the honor roll in many post secondary education courses... the standard is lower. I'm saying anything about the country as a whole, or its people... but the standard of its higher education is less then good.

In a perfect world education would be free, so would ideas... and everything else. There would be no money. Yet as the last peanut told Homer, money is exchanged for goods and services. We have placed a value on things like heating, food, keeping up an series of building, materials for all work done... etc, etc, etc. It cost money because everything else costs money.

Is it too much for you as a student, I'd say no. Most people pay more, the states is evidence of raging costs of higher education. Hell it's four times the cost of what I pay. That's dumb, it's the other side of the scale. We should avoid what the US are doing. We need to find a middle and that comes with compromise, not riots, not banging pots as I bike home from school in a an empty street outside of an overpriced but low end apartment building, bothering the community garden project.

You want a better world, we get it. Everyone has to pay unless we start a new rule where no one has to pay. Getting angry does not equate a free pass to go around wrecking stuff that other people use. Protest is allowed in our country, but we have rules that also include a whole slew of things like vandalism and violence

No matter how angry you get you're not allowed to do those things. Yes there are moral and ethical rights but those countries are at war both from within and outside of their boarders. So keep it peaceful...

We live in Canada. The best fucking country on this planet.

Suck it up you morons.