11 Jun 2012

Monday Media Fun - E3 and Tomb Raider

Ahh Monday is late. Why?

Well for one this is not my profession, this is actually the sixth or seventh thing on my regular list of priorities. If I was doing this as for say my job, this experiment in discourse and writing would be rated higher on said list.
As of now my wife, job, school, family, writing/drawing/painting come before this blog. This is an output not a product for sale.

So It’s media Monday and I’m starting this sucker off with a clip from Penny Arcade TV show Check Point.  

Seriously watch this show, the fact they are Canadian is awesome. The fact they are funny and smart is also good evidence that the internet is not full of the poorly edited shit that I’m pushing onto your screens at this moment.

It makes a brilliant shout out towards all of us who do nothing but bitch, curse and whine about why something is horrible and stupid. They do not work for us, they work for the people who give them money so we can buy their drugs.

So lets look back at Lara Croft. She’s the first victim to now internet media personality, Yatzee from Zero Punctuation. Alas that was during her first reboot. No lest look back, way back. A product of Eidos, now broken and sold to Square Enix with all their properties; Hitman, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, ect.

She was young, agile, did flips with her jumps and she could shoot guns at the same time. She was so John Woo. She had a series of adventures up until she died. She raided less and less tombs and instead tried to make her into a female action star to their success they rocked.

Until she was really made into an action star... I like Ms Jolie but the Tomb Raider flicks were bad. So with the failure to reach into the wallets of the once young gamers who now had a bitr more money Lara vanished. Then she came back on the current generation consoles... and once again I didn’t mind them, they were done well. I even played them until it was no longer fun... yet Lara had changed too much.

Much like those creatures of plastic surgery, she had way too much work done. You could never look at her the same way...

Then sometime a few months back, we saw a video of the new Lara.

Such promise, such vitality, such not like Lara Croft. Oh we saw instead the rebirth of a character that has been left to false gods and turned against her people.

Now we see this.


"I don't think I'm that kind of Croft." says the new Lara.

We agree and we do with applause and joy. Lara good bye, you were wonderful and your time has come. Everyone this is our new friend Lara and she has adventures to show us... ones we have never seen before.

That ladies and gents is why I'm excited about this new iteration of Lara. Because it shows promise and it's a look back at her, back when people put their best forward and not recycled the best of their creators. This shows some guts and hopefully it comes out well.

That's one part of E3, it's a trade show with promises. It's a future, one that looks like has a Lara.


Next Week: We are taking note of, Seven... Forty Seven

good night