18 Jun 2012

Monday Media Fun - E3 and Hitman

E3 post 3 of 4.

Today ladies and sirs I look back at the year 2000. The debates were raging in fandom land on Scully and Mulder’s kiss. I had picked up a new PC that year after the failure of Y2K to keep my interest past 13 Jan.
The first victim of my PC was Hitman: Codename 47, followed by a slew of other releases. It was the first time that I could load the games I wanted on my PC. Before Hitman, I had to load my games on Old Bear’s PC.

As I remember Old Bear got cranky.

So I started up Hitman and the slick graphics gravelly voice took my senses away from me. Then the puzzles kicked in.

Yes dear readers, puzzles. The game is about hunting down and efficiently taking lives of virtual people. I know the difference between real and virtual, that’s a Thursday post for later. No the puzzles was how to go about the crime without setting off the alarms.

Stealth Action games are puzzle games to me. I love the genre. I like it when the stealth goes out the window to stretch the action in stealth action. I like planning each move creating more complex web of actions that lead to a perfect score.

I played all the stealth action games; Tenchu, Siphon Filter, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Deus Ex… you get the idea.

When the second Hitman game came out I was over the moon. I remember working my ass off in order to get a grade of Silent Assassin on each level of the game. I will admit I skipped the third game of the series Hitman: Contracts due to hearing it was a remake. I’ve now been told it has some new stuff in it and it kind of pushed the overall story along but otherwise I didn’t miss much.

Then only a few years past from now, the fourth Hitman Game came out. It was 2006, my life was getting better and vola my PC was only a year old. Hitman: Blood Money was awesome and I was a happy lad. I worked through that game over and over again. It would be to this day the last great PC game I would play on my PC. After the fall of Splinter Cell: Double Agent PC version, I picked up an Xbox 360. I got Double Agent included and enjoyed the game. It’s one of my favourites of the series.

I have very little to say about the film, I like the cast and creative staff but another poor use of the IP in the history of video games. With enough examples to look at it’s best to think that the film is just in disguise to apply violence to some of the other films.

So now Hitman: Absolution is coming. I’m very sad that David Bateson is no longer included. His voice work with the character was awesome. The fact that 47’s look is also based on Bateson make a fine fellow like me wonder what Square Enix is doing…

Oh yes, Square Enix, the guys who bought Eidos’s IP’s; Tomb Raider (looking good so far), Deus Ex (Human Revolution was brilliant) and of course Hitman.

I like the look, the improved disguise feature and the instinct ability. The last is a bit of a cheat but if it means more players, leading to higher sales and more great games… cheat input away. I hope they have an achievement for never using it… that would be neat.

I also picked up the pre-order. I wasn’t going too but the pre-order is a neat little game that killed a whole afternoon with my mate Wolf. The Cryz loving thief brother and I took apart the Hitman: Absolution - Sniper Challenge. We do so like getting a free sampler at the grocer.

The sample was brilliant and buckets of fun, one of the best video 5 dollar deals I’ve had in a while. You see I was happy and reassured. This would be the first time I played 47 on a non PC and I was fearful it would fail.

I was wrong, so far. The media around 47 is looking polished and sharp. I look forward to putting on my suit and red tie once again and walk out into the world.

What’s that you ask?

Just ignore the barcode, everyone else does.

Next Week: E3 Wrap up of things I'm looking at.