29 May 2012

Blogging: Cursing is Rampant

Why the fuck would a poor soul like me post on a 'blog' or update people on what I do? Who cares about me, well I do... so does my wife on most days. I don't count the dog, he only likes me because I take him for car rides, feed him, let him poop and allow for a place under my legs to hide from the big bad storm.

Moby by the by is an 80lbs dog

Well folks, I need the practice. I want to write... and make enough to pay the bills. Just writing is not enough, but I do need to become better at the skill and the art. I need to find the right words, use the proper grammar and maybe find something interesting to write about.

So that's the objective, instead of taking a college course, I'm hitting the interwebs for feedback. People posting replies, people complaining to me about stuff I do or touch and maybe, hopefully people will read what I write. 

Maybe that's the goal. Who cares that I have some neat ideas to share. Who cares that some of my fiction prose and poetry could be good. Why would a writer do what they do.

If you have the great Canadian novel, does that mean it needs to be written?

Well I don't know and I'm a wanker who will most likely never find out. 


I care and I think that's enough. Maybe one day someone other then the wife will read this. 


I'm ok with that but I need to write. I need to put what rambles in my head onto some portion of dead tree or electronic virtual variant.

I like that, Electronic Virtual Variant. Maybe I'll explore what that means to me. 

So what to expect from this blog...

Well stuff that I like. 

I play table top games, role playing games, board games, video games... ok so games. 
I read books, comics and poems... ok stuff I read. 
I enjoy music, movies and TV...
I'm lame I get the idea, now you do as well.

Maybe I'll find time to do pictures... maybe.