27 Dec 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The New Year

Well folks today is the last Thursday of this calendar year since I've started this blog.

Least I Could Do - They say it right everytime
I'm not sure how to look at the new year.

Am I to look at this change of annual date as a sign of the symbolic fresh start that most people reach for?

I'm not sure.

26 Dec 2012

Boxing Day

In many parts of the Christian centric world it is Boxing Day.

I've been away because I celebrated Christmas with my family and friends. Don't read into my religious inclination, that's another topic for after the break. Instead think about what most people are doing over the Holiday season that grips a large portion of the planet.

Marvel's Avengers

19 Dec 2012

New Comic Day - What I'm Reading

Since school ended I've be reading lots. On monday I picked up a nove in a series I was eyeing. Yesterday at lunch I finished the bugger.

Instead I will be listing off some of the comics I've been reading that got me through the exams. Since comics were nice and quick and easy to read they were my only source of literature that I picked since... urm 2 years ago.

18 Dec 2012

Table Top - Fantasy Flight RPG's

It was a few years back. 1998, Charging Bear had yet to meet Writer Bear and make little bears. Instead he spent a few days out of the year joining our newly minted game marathon, Gamers Heaven. Instead of jumping on the other GW products, Charging Bear (who can, without being forced or needing focus,  always charge within 3") showed up to the table with this little gem.

This was a start
Gamers Heaven was a chance for us to show off some of the other games we played outside of D&D. I brought AEG's Legend of the 5 Rings, White Wolf's Vampire and a few others that make the list seem more like a nerd cock measuring statement. Just understand many of my past jobs gave my unfettered access and cheaper costs to getting my hands of RPGs.

Then after ten years... something changed at Gamers Heaven.

17 Dec 2012

Monday Media - Trailers 2012

Here is a list of some great looking flicks that coming up come the new year.

Yeah, the year is looking good.

14 Dec 2012

Friday Utterance - 12 Years (and great music)

12 years ago...

I left a really good job in Jan of 2002 for getting an education. When I mean it was a 'good job', it was to work for some of the most sought after people in the industry. They asked me to stay and it was a highlight of my career. I turned them down to step out into Academia. I never got that degree and I changed along with the school...

In Jan 2013 my education will be done.

12 years later.

I dropped out of the night school classes in order to go to Carleton University. I dropped out of high school to get a degree. It sounds backwards and when ever I look back and wonder 'what the fuck' I was thinking, I smile and figure I'm not boring.

In twelve years I've lived a life along side my formal education. I've listed a few highlights of those twelve years after the break.

12 Dec 2012

New Comic Day - JL8: A Webcomic

This is safe for work but I warning you of Nerd-Cute.

JL8 is up for a best webcomic award.

JL8 by Yale Stewart
characters owned by DC Comics
Take a look at the link and enjoy the oh-so-cute rendition of eight of the most prolific Superheroes from DC Comics as 8 year olds. Here is the first post.


PS. Sorry for the short post, but I'm working the last exam and it's taking the priority of my time until the 17th of Dec when I'm done like dinner.

11 Dec 2012

Tuesday Table Top - Ditching the Bird

Since I joined the ranks of Warmachine/Hordes players in December 2010 I've been throwing dice around for the Swans, also known as Cygnar.

eStriker the poster 'caster for Cygnar
by *Shugga
So now it's been two years, I've played well in tournaments and I did poorly. I'd say I'm average when it comes to player skill. I pull the odd trick, show off a new idea and learn buckets everytime I play.

Well I'm leaving the Swans for a while.

10 Dec 2012

Monday Media Fun - Absolving 47

I see what SquareEnix is trying to do here.

Agent 47 is an ok character who has some history made deep by the direction of the IP. The game is about figuring out how to commit murder in creative and interesting ways to very bad people.
The current game
Sqaure Enix is trying to make the guy more, urm, human.

It’s too bad it’s at the cost of the game.

7 Dec 2012

Friday Utterance - Hope for Mandy

When you look at Triathletes you picture thin athletic people, running, swimming, and biking.

Ever since I read this article about Rick van Beek, who has raced more then 70 races with his daughter, I now see a hero.

A term not used lightly but in this case it's a shallow word for this man and his family.

You see Mr. van Beek's daughter, Mandy, has cerebral palsy and he pushes and pulls her in a cart when he runs and bikes, and he pulls her in a small playboat kayak when he swims. His wife Mary is out there either on the race with him or running the switch stands when Rick and Mandy go from one style to another.

He also gets some pretty impressive scores when you think he's pulling a whole other person and gear.

I woke up one morning and this was the first thing I read as my mind was starting it daly info dump from the internets. It was not about war, murder, money, or politics.

It was a about a great dad and mum. About a bloke who quite smoking so he could live longer to spend time with his family. About a daughter who loves the outdoors. About a family who's still in the races and showing us all its worth it.


3 Dec 2012

EXAMs - Break

Since it's now Monday and the new media post didn't go up its safe for me to say that I'm out of free time this week to write up any posts.

I'm on day 8 of 11 straight days of work before I walk into my first of two exams for me to write this December.

Once the 9th of Dec comes around I'll be a much happier man who's no longer working every other weekend for 20 hours on top of my normal job with a sprinkle of six hours of class each week.

Oh once New Years is done, I'm hitting the island of Far Cry 3 with my vacation time while I'm home alone.

See you all on the other side.

29 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - school

Today I'm thinking about my last (hopefully) university class and the last essay which I'm now behind on. Also work just hit overdrive, the wife is sick, and my second job has got me out all weekend. 
I trust Spock to help me through this
I'm thinking I'm busy.

I'm thinking I'm behind.

I'm grateful to my friends and family who've supported me while I get this 12 year odyssey done.


28 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Slim

No matter what Scott is doing in the Marvel universe, being able to shoot beems from eyes is what most people remember.

Well folks today’s topic is the one-eyed wonder. The son of space pirate, older brother to two very powerful mutants in their own right, husband and father of telepathic mutants, and the progenitor of a whole dynasty of mutants who will spend their lives to save others, humans and mutants alike – Cyclops is awesome.

Does this look like he's whining now?
I’m here to give you a glimpse to prove Cyclops is awesome.

27 Nov 2012

Table Top – Losing

So I got my butt kicked on Sunday’s ‘War in the Northland’ tournament.

I got the first round gimmy for being the odd man out and I lost my next three matches.

The Losers
-a great comic-

I had buckets of fun.

26 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - Snow Day !

Sorry folks the capital city has been hit by snow and I'm taking a good old American 'Snow Day'
I've got my last classes with the corresponding paper due this week. Then it's get the exams done.

Enjoy the Weather.

23 Nov 2012

Friday Utterance - Cheers

I'm a Canadian and we already did our Thanksgiving. This weekend is the same Holiday for our southern neighbours. I'm not one to simply post another blogger person idea, but this one got to me. It's no surprised since it comes from Ze Frank.

I watch ZeFrank. The link is also on the side bar.

The man has smarts and he says smart things through proposing ideas or making mention of honest observations.

He explains in the video below that 'Thanks' is the cousin to 'Love'.

I agree.


22 Nov 2012

Thursday Thought - Apple Juice

Well folks, it's happened.
This week, I finally started the move to my computer origins.


21 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - House of Ideas

As you may have noticed there has been plenty of reviews on DC comics since the blog started all because of the ‘new 52’. Marvel was my mainstay for comics until the early 2000’s when the comics bubble popped. They’ve stay ahead of the curve in capturing my attention with their brilliant movie franchise and Ultimate Comics line of modern versions of their characters. But I'm not reading the comics...

I have a problem with Marvel.

20 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Who shot JR?

Well in fact most people shoot the guy.

JR is short for Junior or the Journeyman Warcaster. The only low level Warcaster, not really a full Warcaster, in the whole game.

This model is special to a lot of Cyganr players as mastering the solo is a rite of passage when you play the boys in blue.

15 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Letter to the Boss

Dear Employer:

I will do my best to complete the duties that have been assigned to me. I will commit to work outside of the assigned scope of time during times of stress within the organization. I will act professionally in my demeanour, correspondence and deportment. I will try my best and communicate with my assigned supervisor in a clear and fair manner.

This is what I expect from you.

14 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Hypernaturals

I'm sitting in class listening to the Prof go on about the sole Shakespeare play I'm not going to pay attention to, Antony and Cleopatra.

So I log onto my ComiXology app on the iPad and look for something to grasp my attention. After reading the most recent Green Lantern (which was pretty good) I looked up an old name.

Dan Abnett.

This is one of the best sci-fi writers of the day. He started his own comic book and it gets published by Boom! studios with his frequent partner in crime Andy Lanning.

The book is called the Hypernaturals

13 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Defender

Now I’m trying to master the various ‘jacks and other units of the Cygnar faction and one stands out as escaping me far too frequently. As I write this ‘Theory Machine’ post, please note I’m not the expert. I am simply putting down my thoughts and observations as I try to become a better player with this particular tool. Their is a bevi of other sources of information on this topic.

Without further ado.

There is a saying ‘The best defence in a good offense’.

12 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Could Atlas

Watch this Film
I've not read the book.

The wife has read the book.

We saw the flick together at the same time.

It was an experience that people who's lives are entwined through deed and emotion should share together and enjoy.

It was a great film.

8 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Dancing

I dislike the human race on most days. As Canada is pushed closer to the eleventh day on the eleventh month, the focus of our thoughts tends to be reminders of our weaknesses.

Where we failed each other and ourselves.

Where it got so bad, we started a global war... twice.

It's still bad in places across the globe. War is still with us, people are still horrible free thinking creatures that seem to have a knack at killing and hurting each other.

Then I saw this.

See you after the video.

7 Nov 2012

Error - Wed

Seems my New Comic Day post got lost somwhere in the interwebs - so no post this Wed.

Sorry Folks shit happens

6 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - SR2012 and getting ready

Well folks I’ve done ok in my Warmachine/Hordes battles and I came in third at the last tournament I played at. So, I’m no expert but I’ve been able to handle myself.

I think my greatest achievement is almost killing eHailey on her feat turn when played by the resident Cygnar expert.

Another event lies ahead so I decided to go over my thoughts on prepping for the tournament.

5 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Third Creed

I’m running on the rooftops of Boston in 1700’s. I’ve inducted three men to my cause. As I land a particularly long jump, I scramble up onto the roof only to see my target. I summon my followers to cause a riot. The chaos forces my target closer to me. Lucky for me he escapes down an ally.

I jump the three story building, wrist blades extended. My aim is true and the force of gravity drives me and my blades onto my now vulnerable target. I get up, retract my blades and walk away.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is here folks.

1 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - No Free Rides

As my country starts to move towards our day of remembrance I wonder about the cost of advancement. 

Mother Bear, sent me a youtube link for a movie called Inherit the Wind.

I watched the flick and when I got to the following quote and I started to think.

Progress has never been a bargain. You have to pay for it. Sometimes I think there's a man who sits behind a counter and says, "All right, you can have a telephone but you lose privacy and the charm of distance. Madam, you may vote but at a price. You lose the right to retreat behind the powder puff or your petticoat. Mister, you may conquer the air but the birds will lose their wonder and the clouds will smell of gasoline."

- Henry Drummond, made famous by Spencer Tracy; a character in Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence

31 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day – my favourite Spider-Man

While I was twelve years old I found Spider-Man.

Now you need to understand, this is a big deal. This is the time of Superman dying, Batman getting broken, Jim Lee drawing X-men before going on to help found Image Comics. It was a odd time in the industry and yet it was then that I finally found Spider-Man

His name was Miguel O’Hara and it was the year 2099.
The best of the 'wall crawlers'

30 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - IKRPG (part 2)

 Ontos tells us we are surrounded and we have a choice. The city watch are being led by a corrupt watch Captain and has brought close to thirty six city watch and zealots disguised as the local citizen watch volunteers.

“Surrender or die.”

Vandread looks at me and Forgotten Virtue and tells Ontos to set up the table in the other room.

Ontos asks “You sure.”

All three of us nod knowing it’s 3 vs 36 and the fight will be epic.

Iron Kingdoms Core Rules

So last Sunday, I took a break from the world and played with Vandread and Forgotten Virtue with Ontos running the session. It went well and we had a blast. To get an idea without me having to re-hash my  previous post here.

29 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun - Dishonoured

I’m moving along the side of a building rooftop. The area is in some need of repair and the dirt from the rapid industrialization is everywhere adding a ‘shine’ of filth and grime to every surface I can see and touch.

By the time I reach the fancy party I’m no longer under threat of violence. I gather near a group of other masked guests as I look around hoping to pick up some information from their conversation. Instead I’m rewarded with a gust of wind blowing a invitation out of one of the guest's hands.

I quickly go pick it, up get out of sight and move to the front door. I present the invitation and walk into the mannor.

I have a feeling the rest of the mission will not be so easy.

Dishonoured - This is gona be fun
I’ve played Dishonoured on the hardest setting and I never killed a soul. Not bad for a game of vengeance and mystical, steam powered assassins.

25 Oct 2012

Thursday Thoughts – Getting it out there

I’ve been writing poorly for the last little while... well since the mid 1990’s when I realised that I was not good enough to draw comics and I was getting more into the stories then the fancy artwork.

I loved reading so the leap was not surprising.

So I started to write things down.

Of course if you've read my previous entries you can tell I have some issues with languge mechanics and spelling. I have a learning disability and spell check only does so much.

I'm still writting and I'm not giving up yet.

24 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day – Wonder Woman

Me and the wife were looking at comics and comparing how they visually look. We discussed the over sexualized women in comics today. I pointed out Brett Booth who draws women with normal sized breasts, Tony Harris who draws woman of every shape and size, and Kaare Andrews who shows some real talent with Kitty Pride on the cover of Ultimate Comics: X-Men #6.

So after reading a few more reviews I offered up the ‘new 52’ Wonder Woman.

23 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top – the Army Painter

As I came into Warmachine and Hordes I was itching to get back to the table. I watched the Games Workshop machine with envy as they produced more and more products that I wanted to play.

My issue with Games Workshop at the time was the money needed to build the armies I wanted and the time it would take to put them together and paint.

You see I dislike painting until recently. The hobby had no solution to this issue and I was unable to cross back into the world of little soldiers and small fiction battles.

Then a mate showed me ‘the Army Painter’

22 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun – the XCOM project

Welcome Commander

The Earth is under siege, you have been selected to lead the multinational organization XCOM in the defence against the extra terrestrial attackers.

We will be watching

Yeah this is happening.

18 Oct 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The week of hell

Sorry folks.

This week as been a bit of a fuck up and the posts have been put on hold until this weekend. With school, my two jobs and getting time to hit the table or play video games its hard to get it all done. I've burnt through my buffer of posts and the blogg is low on the list above.

I have two jobs to my wifes displeasure and one is going well and the other 'volunteer' job has not been going well. Right now, it's looking to get put on the block. Doing this could affect my 'paid' job. So juggling things here is harder then I want it.

Game wise, I'm finishing the posts for XCOM and Dishonored, both are great games. Table top wise, I've had only a few mins to do any painting over the last two weeks and no time to play in the league I paid cash for.

So all in all a week of hell. See you all on Monday, bright eyed and bushy tailed.


10 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Ultimate Fight

Marvel's experiment with reviving and telling new stories without hampering the creative staff by limiting use of the iconic characters from the house of Ideas.

In 2009, Ultimate Marvel had the greatest fight in comic history.

Ultimate Wolverine and Ultimate Hulk.

Page two tells you how round one went.
Issue 1, page 2
Copyright of Marvel Comics

9 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top - IKRPG

Privateer Press has done something that only one other publisher has ever succeed at.

Taking a tactical table top ruleset leveraging it to focus on individual characters, their adventures and personal development in situations that range outside of the tactical paradigm.

That original game was Chain Mail.
This started almost everything Nerds do at a Table
The role playing game that came from Chain Mail was Dungeons and Dragons.

So how are the new guys?

8 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun - Syndicate

Before the rush of games I picked up on the cheep the new version of Syndicate for my 360. I've been playing through the game on the Hard setting right off the bat. The objective is to see if they ruined my childhood. The game is a first person shooter, written by an favorite author of mine Richard Morgan.

Looking back its 1995 and I'm sitting in the base of my parents house next to my mate 'Lex. He's a half Mexican-French Canadian bloke who lived three houses up from me. I've not seem him in years, but back in the day we hung out all the time.

Syndicate - 1993
You see I had rented the Playstaion and Syndicate. We were playing the game on co-op, taking only one 'Agent' each instead of the four man teams the game is designed for. He used the Gauss Gun - A rocket launcher pistol, while I used the Sniper Rifle and Laser Rifle in later stages.

With the release of XCOM due tomorrow, I'm reminding the few readers I have that I did not play much of XCOM. I played Syndicate.

5 Oct 2012

Hicks and Ups

Seems my Thurs and Friday post got all buggered when I pushed them onto the blogger site. They didn't get uploaded quite right and they never went up. Seems things are working now.

What can I expect from a free service.

See you all next week.

3 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day - The new Green Lantern

The Green Lanters of Sector 2814
Planet Earth

Green Lanterns. The second incarnation of galactic peacekeepers as devised by the little bald blue folks called the Guardians of the Universe. In each of the 3600 sectors of space, two of these peacekeepers are assigned. Some of the sectors of space have larger populations and as such more then two ‘Lanterns’ are put up. In sector 2814, a very populated sector that also houses Earth has produced four Green Lanterns.

Hal Jordan – former fighter pilot turned test pilot, Guy Gardner – ex-Baltimore cop from a family of cops (no longer a social worker and special needs teacher since the 'new 52'), John Stewart – Architect who worked as a Marine Sniper to pay for his education, and Kyle Rayner – Comic/Graphic Artist.

So who’s the other guy with the fancy forearm tattoo?

Oh that’s the new guy Simon Baz.

2 Oct 2012

Tuesdays Table Top - Dreadball

My first hobby table top miniature game was Blood Bowl.

The Game of Kings
I had a great Chaos team back in the day, the Blood Fists, and I did really well. I've got fond memories of matches; When Ontos has his itty-bitty zombie, called Bob, brake the arm of my Minotaur. When I left no more then five Dwarves on the pitch come half time and three of the casualties were deaths. When I played the Dark Elves and the other guy got mad when he won 8 - 0 but I had removed every player in his team, even if I had scored on every turn, I would never have been able to win the match.

Those were the days...

1 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Non E-Book

I play role playing games and table top games. Books are part and portion of the deal. With some game the rules expand to the point where you need to lug around a carry on sized back just for the reading material.

When PDF and the other reader formats became popular, I don’t think the world paid any attention to the gamers who sit around the table with Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

Why because they though we still lived in the basement and we sat in the dark with only candles or dim single bulb illumination.

The world forgot about something. We the gamers are very much nerd.

Do you know what nerds also like?


They became the new source of the dim lighting in our collective basements.

27 Sep 2012

Thursday Thoughts – The Meat Wagon

Looking fit and being fit are two different things. Looking healthy and being healthy are two different things. You look at my mate Longsword and you may not see much a normal looking guy with fancy sunglasses. No six pack, no huge arms (aka the pipes) just a super smart dude.

Then he gets in front of his aerobics class and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the uber smart wanker. He’s been working towards higher levels of fitness in order to support a healthier lifestyle. He’s been doing it long enough that he’s changed his life and now help others change their own.

I hate working out but I love doing things. Sometimes I wish they were the same thing. Not liking what I’m looking like and needing to improve my physical fitness levels I decided to change my habits.

26 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Marvel Now

DC had its huge reboot of the their current titles a year ago. Now one year later as DC is into the 'zero' issues of the 'the new 52', marvel has announced a massive reboot to its current title line up with the event Marvel Now.

They already tried this once and it ended up with some neat stories but due to the popularity of the X-men and Spiderman from the films they just killed off everyone else to restart in another dimension. When it was well received by readers who got to enjoy the artists of Image Comcis coming back to the place that instigated their genesis it ended up that was all a dream by Mr Fantastic's kid.


So this October Marvel, the 'House of Ideas', is trying it one more time. Here is a run down of what I`m looking forward to.

25 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top - Making Time for the Table

So life has me by the balls, just like everyone else.

I play a slew of games and I'd love to spend my days around the table.

Alas I have to have a life. Work, family, mates, etc... the table is my hobby.

I work to find time for it.

24 Sep 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Soundtrack

I’m walking through the remains of the city. The rain and the dark are my only protection. The digital display on my weapon reminds me of the poor levels of ammo I’m carrying. I keep to the shadows even though 'they' have optical enhancements that allow them to pick me out in the dark. The city is empty, evidence of the battle litters the walks. I stop as I hear the hum of the dropship cruse overhead. I look up and watch it continue into the distance without stopping to drop its cargo. New Mombasa is a bad place to get lost in. I need to find the rest of my team. 

The above is what went through my head as I played Halo: ODST again. It has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever listened too. The game was a great addition to the franchise, invoking feelings of isolation, loss and unease. With its stark visuals and eerie future beats punctuated with raw jazz flavored undercurrents reminding you of human vulnerability before the orchestral arrangement rips you into a conflict as you get into another fight.

The soundtrack can make or break the moment.

19 Sep 2012


So folks that read my dribble you have noticed missing posts.

Last week, work took over and when that happens, I write my posts on the weekend.

This weekend I got sick. Really sick.

I took Sunday easy, but after making an appearance at the Wizards Tower for the Sunday game night I had to pull out early. By the time I got home from the 15 min drive. I had a full on fever kicking my ass. It's on and off with such strength that I had to hit the medics today.

They were a bit worried. Normally when I get a flu and I need some meds, they give me a day or two off and send me home. Today they ran tests, and gave me three days with a series of "If this... go to hospital."

14 Sep 2012

Friday Utterance - Helping

If you can help, do so.

Evaluate what you can do and be honest about your limits. The first thing they tell you to do in First Aid is stop and look. You don’t want to make it worse.

In a time of emergency, follow these three rules.

1. Lead, follow or get out the way.
2. Move with purpose but under control.
3. Remember why you are helping

12 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day - Akira

I’m sitting in the comic shop and I see the label Akira. It’s 1995 and I saw a brilliant animated film called Akira and I wondered if this label referred to the same story. The books were tall, colour format and were published by Epic Comics.

I was shocked to see that the animated film that I fell in love with was only a shadow of the real story in print.

In 2000, I was one of many who flocked to the comic shops and picked up Dark Horse Comics’ collected 6 volume series Akira.

Akira is one of the greatest tales woven in the comic/manga format.

Pause for Akira influenced music.

11 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Journeyman League

Privateer Press has a great product. You need less then the British Workshop of games when it comes to models and books. In many cases the models themselves are cheaper in price.

The community the surrounds the game is another bonus. The support of the players, the volunteers and the company is brilliant. The events have character and add depth and variety to the game. The events make you want to play the game or expand and develop no ways to play. Events are an organized excuse to pull out the minis and gather with other like minded folks. 

One of these events is the Journeyman League.

10 Sep 2012

Monday Media Fun - Ghost Recon Down

This post is dedicated to my old friend and fellow Ghost Recon partner; Longsword.

At his height in the mid to late 1990’s Tom Clancy had produced enough material to endear a slew of books, movies and video games allowing fans to explore his unique take on the world.

I only liked two of his books; Without Remorse (Rate 5) and Rainbow Six (Rate 4). Clancy is known for writing some real kinetic and engaging prose while giving little to character development outside of what’s needed to push the plot. His focus on real life tactics, plausible situations/nightmares and future technology. That was the real draw to his fictional material.

Without Remorse was the game changer. It is all about John Clark and how John Clark becomes John Clark. John Clark is one of the best characters written in recent years. It’s a great read while Rainbow Six has some moments but otherwise it's a positive read. Some of Clancy’s other work is a stable and enjoyable with a few dips into the low end of dime novel spy fiction. 

Ghost Recon made me read his stuff.

Ghost Recon was one of the greatest games ever made.

6 Sep 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The How Blog

Well last week I told you all about changes to the site and where my future posts are going. Yet while writing a Wednesday New Comic Day post, I asked myself while reading it over, “Why are you doing this?”

I’ve already explained why in the first post. Some of those reasons are the same. Well most of them are the same. Some have changed; some have become more poignant and taken a place of importance in my life list of blog priorities.

So I guess I’ll explain the process.

In the words of Montell Jordan – “This is how we do it.”

5 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day – Is the new “52” good?

So it’s now been a year since DC comics launched their New 52, where they rebooted all of their titles back to number one. They merged some other comic imprints into the mix and made a whole mess of the thing.

We’ve had some great stories. We’ve had some really polarising character changes. Writers have come and gone with resounding fanfare and drama fuelled media coverage. Some changes to the titles were nothing but a re-number and the new 52 was only a putter on the cover when other issues took the 52 as a sign to really changes things around.

Is the new 52 worth it? Was it good? The money coming in is obvious to DC that the gamble paid off. When you think of a single good year of sales that very short term when you look at the age of some of these characters.

4 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Loyalty to the Store

I play at two places, Fandom 2 and Wizards Tower. I like to buy my products there. Fandom 2 has great prices but the selection is either new or filled on a special order basis. Wizards Tower has a great selection of Privateer Press products but they are expensive.

So why do I keep loyal to these stores?

I play there and I understand to some degree of what it takes to keep those doors open.

3 Sep 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Second Far Cry

I’m in a thick swamp area in Africa. I’ve picked up a dart rifle because it’s silenced and accurate at long ranges. I’ve chosen a silenced 9mm pistol as my side arm and I’ve already talked to my buddy earlier in the day to make sure he’s on call just in case things go to shit. My mission is to access a local, small time warlord and take information from him for my employer who is looking at stabilising the area.

I stalk around the swamp area looking in at the raised complex of wooden buildings and connecting walkways that rest on stilts above the swamp. The hour spent scouting the base of my target gives me an idea of enemy movement and I’m able to pick out my attack vector on the base and the egress points if things get bad. I’d rather exfiltrate the compound but unless I’m able to ghost through the rebel forces and avoid alarming the warlords guards it’s only a side thought.

This is Far Cry 2.

30 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The Future and the new FU ?

So I finally came up with a Friday Topic. It will be a bitch out with some hopefully constructive commentary. This will also mean that my Thursday Thoughts posts will be more thoughtful and less ranty.

Also this September, I look to be completing the last two courses I need to become a graduate in University. So my time will be limited but I expect to be ahead of the game with the posts and have them ready and on time.

So August is almost done, summer is over lets take a look at the future.

More future inside.

29 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day - Night of Owls

This will be the last Batman post for a while – I hope.

The Court of Owls has been a new and interesting villain for Batman to face. This shadow organization has been in the shadows for so long that not even Batman was able to discover them until they attacked him.

After Bruce Waynes’ harrowing at the hands of the Court and their agents, the Talons, he is attacked directly in his cave. Alfred is trapped in a vault for his own protection and puts out a call to what Batman named ‘the Family’. The situation is given as dire and a call for help from Batman, known for always being prepaired, add gravitas to the conflict.

A war in one night for the future of Gotham, a Night of Owls.

28 Aug 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Infinity Spec Ops Fears

I’ve finally got the fancy bases my Japanese Sectoral Army (JSA) so my fully painted units will finaly get completed and I’ll be a happy guy. So far my JSA are my only finished Infinity models and my Bakunin are still being gathered and getting ready to be painted.

With the long awaited release of the 3rd Infinity book I’m going to talk about some of the pitfalls and advantages of the new rules.

27 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun - Dust: An Elysian Tail

I remember the summer between the sixth and seventh grade very well. The family had moved out of a good sized house to the large home. Old Bear had left the military after almost twenty two years. Mama Bear had opened up her own full time clinic rather then working for someone else.

I was closer to a school mate of mine and I was invited over and we played Castlevania 2: Simons Quest.

Oh my god, open free to explore world, villages to talk to people and random puzzles that required a Nintendo Power subscription. It was a golden age of video games. The game was hard, you had to write down codes in order to save. I have a feeling only the most hard of core game players from today would stick through that game.

Today we have Dust: An Elysian Tail and I’m sitting back in Nick’s basement, ignoring the in ground pool while I search for Dracula’s remains.

24 Aug 2012

Friday Utterance - FU PQ

Once more the lack of foresight comes from the province of Quebec.

They are not helping the stereotype.

Once again, I’m a Canadian of French heritage. My last name is of French origin, I speak it almost as poorly as I do my English. The Wife is bilingual and her maiden name is also of French origin. Hell her old man is from the bloody province. Many of my mates hail from the land of Qubexico as well. I just spent a weekend in the area and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I just hates it when them tricksey hobbits - urm, politicians riles up the people with the pitch forks and torches.

Read this Link then join me inside for my reply.

23 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - New Parents

Well folks, I've got very little for you today due to a shift in the group dynamic of my circle of friends.

I have a Congrats to a pair of people who made a healthy 9 lb, 4 oz little girl and produced her on Tues night. Let us all hope she looks more like her mother.

I've decided to collect donations for the "Turning Thirteen and my dad needs a gun, mom needs a big knife" fundraiser.


22 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - What I want to read next

Recently there have been few comics that have grabbed my attention. I’m happy there is enough that I have something to write about every week at a minimum.

So this week I’m going to ramble off a few story arcs; past, present and future that I am looking forward to reading.

21 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - Faction Review ‘Cygnar’

I’d say I play three main games on the table; Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes, Corvus Belli’s Infinity and Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear. I’m looking at Dystopian Wars, Bushido and Merc’s but unless money falls from the sky, they are to get little love. Even Hawk Wargame’s Drop Zone Commander looks neat enough to throw cash their way...

When I took up the dice and joined the Privateer Press fan club in Nov-Dec 2010, I plucked my third choice. You see I have the habbit of waiting to see if anyone else will play but by doing so they tend to pick the faction I’m looking at to play and for sake of fun I find myself choosing the middle of my list rather then the top. Yet this always turns out well in the end. My favourite Khador ‘jacks are now going plastic and when I started Retribution was having problems keeping up supplies of the models.

So I play Cygnar and because I play Cygnar I’m a cheater.

20 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Movie Theatre

Before the average person was able to actually afford a large sized TV and fancy sound system there was only one way which you could fully enjoy the cinematic experience.

You would go to the cinema aka the Movie Theatre.

You accepted the ridiculous cost of snacks and drinks all so you could enjoy the film with some treats that could increase your happy levels.

Today that has changed.

16 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The Cash Vote

We have the power!

No, no He-Man and She-Ra. We the person with the cash has the power.

That’s right folks we have the power and no one tells us for fear of being one day voted off the consumer market.

All the recent woes with the banks, economy and even Hollywood have forced me to look at where my coin goes. This year has been an expensive loss for many a studio, John Carter was a huge loss for the mouse and Total Recall has not raked in the expected levels of cash. Future films like GI Joe 2 and the new Great Gatsby film have been pushed back to next year.

What the hell is going on?

15 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Is Valiant Back?

Valiant comics, ahh those were the days. Inheriting the various pulp comics of the silver, golden age and everything else, Valiant came to term at the same time as Image comics. With more mature writing and ground breaking concepts it was against the frequently tardy but flashy art of Image who’s idea of Mature was violence, blood and semi-pornographic ladies.

Was I an Image fan? Yes. Did I read Valiant? Yes, but not as much as Image.


14 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - Heavy Gear

When doing the whole table top game bit, I was never into the GW outside of Bloodbowl. My mates had yet to jump into the expensive fires and played Battletech instead.

Then some dudes in Montreal, Quebec, Canada made a new game that also touched on my love of the Japanese Animation, still yet to be called Anime at the time.

Heavy Gear.

13 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun – Film: In Time

A Justin, you’ve come such a long way from... what the name of your retched boy band?

I don’t know remember, possible post-hypnotic block imposed by greater sources of music from the 1990’s. Oh by the by, the 90’s didn’t suck, it’s just that the 90’s that most people experienced was not very good while the rest of us wandering in liminal culture had a real good time.

Now then where was I? Ah yes, good old Dick in a Box, J.T.

I hate to say it but I liked his last solo album, I listened to it while on a plane and enjoyed quite a few of the songs. After his first solo album, I knew he was good but he never struck me with enough force to purchase his work.

Well I did. I am an owner of a J.T. music album.

His acting work has been also quite a shock with the fact that he can be pretty good.

9 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Ippon

So the 100 m race is about to start. A dumb ass drunk throws a bottle and turns to his left when the dutch woman next to him calls him out. He smiles and tells that person to bugger off, then she shoves him... hard. Now since she also happens to be a three time Women's Judo Olympic medalist, we can guess how well it went for the dumb ass. It takes a few mins later for him to be carted off and arrested for being a dick head.

So some simple advise, no matter who you are. There is always some one out there who is ready and willing to show you how to pick your own teeth off the ground with broken fingers. There is always someone who just remembered that the pocket knife in their jacket is really good at punching holes in your cars tires. Their is always someone smiling long enough for you to cross the line before the short dude tackles you into a defensitrated state.

8 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Ultimates Volume 1 (1-13)

So since I'm back I've decided to go into the well kept wife run library and look up some old comics. If you consider 2004 to be old.

So for the last few years Marvel tried something new. They re-started their older classic characters, Spiderman and the X-Men with a new modern twist. The stories are refreshing and attention grabbing without being some sort of poor man re-hash of older tales. In this new genesis, the characters are deeper from the start. It allowed writers and artists to try something new and bold without disrupting the current Marvel continuity.

It was a bold gamble and it worked. Ultimate Spiderman is considered by some to be even better then the original. Characters were introduced, they died and stayed dead.

It would not be long before the inspiration for the 2012 box office shattering flick came to print.

It's funny when I looked back inside and I see that a Mr. Joss Wheadon wrote the introduction 8 years ago.

7 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - The War Room

Yesterday if you were any type of tablet or smart phone user who played Privateer Press games like Warmachine and Hordes you picked up War Room made by small time developer TinkerHouse. There have been a slew of issues with the Android version and the Kindle products are not yet fully on sale.

I use an iPad 2. I sip large from the Jobbs offered cup of Apple juice... another post for the future. The iDevices have had the fewest issues.

It's a neat product. I'll give it a 3.

It's not a failure or below standard. WarRoom meets the standard of what I was expecting but nothing with the tool so far wows me to give the application an above standard rating of a 4 or an excellent rating of 5.

6 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun – The Rise of Movie Batman

If you read past the break you will see spoilers.

Go see The Dark Knight Rises if you liked Christopher Nolan’s previous two runs with the Batman. If you did not like those two films stop and pick another flick.

This movie is the end of his run with Batman.

This is the final act of a guy who lost his parents, got angry, travelled the world, learned how to be a ninja from eco terrorists and took to dressing as a human symbol of fear and justice with a Bat motif to fight previous mentioned eco-Ninja’s, anarchist clown and a clever, pain killer breath mask wearing terrorist.

This series is not about Bruce Wayne. It’s about Batman the outcome of Batman on himself and others; the people, the police, family and the villains... It reminded me of the Wire, where the city was the largest character in the series. 

3 Aug 2012

Friday - The Return

Well Folks, I'm back.

The world of school has been conquered once more before I must go back to battle in once again.

So come on back.

We resume on Monday to our normal Mon-Thus schedule.

Cheers - Dozer

10 Jul 2012

The week off - BOHICA

Ladies and Gents pass me the pillow, seems I need something to bite because of BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again).

I'm in school, my employer has allowed me to take time off to take one of my classes during the day. The other class is at night. Since these are spring/summer classes, each class is 3 hours long and they arrive twice a week.

It's hard and with the fact that all of my classes are Lit classes, I'm balls deep in paperbacks... I'm reading alot.

This week I arrived to my second night class.

I arrived 3 weeks late.

Seems I read the wrong time table present by the University of Ottawa. Seems there is a large difference between Spring/Summer 2012 and Summer 2012. The table is not clear and because of that obfuscation I'm eating the error.

Now I'm behind the eight ball and some large gentileman, who by the by is far from gentil, is right behind me.

Even with help garnered from the Ombudsperson... time is against me.

So there is a giant pile of shit and no matter what happens, I need to eat it.

So this week, don't expect much from me. I have 7 days to write three essays drop a mid term and finish my course load before the end of the month.


5 Jul 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Brothers

Two years ago, CP, had a crack in his foundation. The spring thaw important to us northern born Canadians became a curse as it does each year as the wet melting snow and ice becomes water and seeps into the cracks of the concrete. One cold day re-freezes the water and widens the crack.
This is how foundations die in the north.

3 Jul 2012

Table Top Tues - The First Game

Sorry for the late post folks, but I was up last night living the experience I'm using as my subject for the post. Last night I pulled out Tzar's almost finished gift (look up last weeks post), and played a first time game with CP his older brother.

By the by, I'm visiting CP and the reason and purpose of my visit will be posted on Thurs. 

He played Menoth while I played Khador. I won, top turn three with the Sorsha assassination run. CP held his own and almost wrecked one of the two 'jacks Khador gets in the started box, too bad his dice didn't hold there own.

So what did CP think of the game?

2 Jul 2012

Monday Media Fun - Walking Choices and Us

Now it's Saturday and I'm normally written my posts by now, but this week I'm behind. Normally I'm a week ahead so you'll be putting up with me this week as I hit the road.

For the last week I finally picked up TellTale Games' episodic game The Walking Dead on Xbox Live. I believe it's also on PSN and a few other online game options.

While playing through the well crafted world of survivors in a Zombie apocalypse invented from the crafty minds of Kirkman and co. You find yourself playing the roll of Lee, a convicted man who on the day of his drive off to prison the Zombies hijack the world and you get free... out of the pot into the fire.

Playing Lee has been very interesting and meeting some of the characters from the comic, not the TV show, is kind of neat but they only get used much in the first episode playing up the fan love for the beloved horror comic. Again this game is not from the world of the TV series, that is a whole different beast in its own.

The game play is a flashback to the days of Monkey Island but with a focus on horror over humor and survival over quests. It’s well put together and you stay in the game most times. I play without the on screen prompts for items/places of interest so I do spend time exploring the area if it’s just running the cursor over the landscape.

28 Jun 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Suns

We walk in our lives creating what we want to be. We work so hard to justify this small insufferable existence to ourselves and to others that we forget how important each individual person is.

We are great suns of life; we burn and attract others in our orbit. We are bright and large, some are brighter and some are larger. Some implode after time; others burn out and cut a swath of destruction across the various universes we have become part of.

We after time grow close to others. We pull them in and they in turn pull us in into their orbit. The various energies lick, touch and kiss each other as the forces of each sun mingle and mix. At times they join and burn brighter then anything else around them.

There are also those who burn each other and over time grow distant as they pull each other apart. The energy, the caressing flow between these bodies of light and warmth has not changed but they are destroying each other. So the bright suns pull away trailing ash and debris, memories of what was once so powerful and great.

It hurts so much.

It hurts because pain reminds us that we are not minute specs of life in teaming hives of humanity. It reminds us that we are each grand and filled with powerful energies that burn as bright as the sun.

The pain reminds us we are not alone. We are each important and valued.

That's the cost of loving someone.

27 Jun 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day – Nightwing

Dick Grayson, the first of the Robins. The gifted acrobat orphan and one time ward of Bruce Wayne. Raised in the Circus, grew up in riches, secret identities and fighting crime. When you look at the history of Nightwing no other sidekick has grown into his own.

Wally West did… but they fucked that up. (Read my post on the Flash)

The Super Jr’s (Boy and Girl) both have been rebooted so often they are all buggered up with no real identity outside of the ‘Super’ noun. Kinda lame if you think about it. Arsenal has been solo long enough but has never been given a chance to branch out and do his own thing. Bucky is an exception but he also skipped out on years and years and just came into play in the mid 2000’s, he fails to count he never grew up in the comic world. New Mutant’s grew up, became X-Force, some graduated into X-Men but they are back at being New Mutants again… Cannonball has been put through the refresh ringer so often it's like a ebay bidder in the last few seconds with the F5 key.

Find me a former sidekick who’s still around today and running his own awesome series over decades of comic continuity.

Here’s a hint: It’s Nightwing.

26 Jun 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun – Warmachine Two Player Starter Box

So Tzar, my cousin, is getting the hitched. As per the second post of this whole blog, he is a big time 40k lover. It’s the IP he loves and some of the minis are very pretty… but you can see the desire for more. The cost and the dwindling quality of pieces with clunky rules that have been dated for years has started to dull that shine in his eyes. I admit to having that same look every once and a while.

I never got around to putting together and painting that whole Space Marine chapter with Mk8 armor, Scribor Lion Shoulder Pads, and facy resin bases... one day when I have time and the desire to hobby paint. Sure but until then, I have plenty of other dudes to paint and put together.

... only a short diviation in topic, I'm getting better...

I picked up the Warmachine Starter box for Tzar and I’m painting them up right now. To go with the work I've also collected a small carry case, tokens, card sleaves (color coded), templates from the various other people in the area. Yet the core, the very nuggit center of this delight is the Two Player WarMachine Starter Box.

What do I think of it?

Fucking go out and buy it. No lie, no bullshit. It’s awesome.

25 Jun 2012

Monday Media Fun - E3 and the new kids

Note: Getting all the links for the vids was taking too long so I suggest you just search on google, youtube or gametrailers for the videos on the games below.

Ahh… E3 has come and gone yet you’re left with an overwhelming sense of sequel with the showcased products of E3 2012. The new Intellectual Properties, or IP, seemed to have faded in the background. Yet with a few more sad seconds of searching you find a few nuggets of fun that have little or nothing to do with a previous game or are a non established, new IP.

I find it sad that these new games took a back seat to the sequels. Pushing new IPs should be a major feature for the various briefs that litter the convention floor at E3. Showing growth instead of stagnant iterations is important to the consumer.

You have Gears of War 4, Judgement, stuff… what ever, who cares. That’s not the point, remember when the first game came out and took hold of the audience? I do, I disliked the game but it sold well and it was pushed hard by publisher, developer and everyone else under the moon. It broke the rules because it tried something new… yet we see little new. Gears of War was the new game, now it has got some longer fangs and found a place to hang it’s coat.


21 Jun 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Leadership

Some recent events have left me pondering the need of better leadership. I will not say this is a political post but if there are anyone who reads this… pause… cricket sounds… pause, and is in a political post I’d be happy to get some feedback.

Leaders require one thing. Those who are willing to follow other wise you’re participating in a form of masturbatory, non sexually gratifying, social positioning. It’s odd stop looking at it and understand you need people to lead if you are to be a leader.

Leadership has been a topic of writing since the days of ancient Urg when Tug and Tro decided to listen to him. There are various ways of leading so many in fact I may spend a few blogs on the subject.

Now here is a big key to understanding followers of a leader. Leaders work for them. I’ll bring you back up to the top and remind you that you need them so in essence you work for the people because they are willing to listen to you.

Baby steps here folks, baby steps.

So what about when you’re left in charge?

20 Jun 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day – Batman and Robin

Oh the Robins.

I’ve been working on a three part review to look over the various Robins and linked characters in the Batman history.

The Boy Wonder is a neat creature.

I never liked him until I got older.

Yes, I disliked Robin. No matter what Chris O’Donnell, Burt Ward or any other writer and artist tried I never liked Robin. He was a dumb idea… just like Batman was a dumb idea. Go read my older posts on the big guy dressed as a bat.

Robin was colour, honesty, naivety, innocence and a reminder of where Wayne came from. Over the years since the departure of Dick Grayson (The first Robin), to become the character known as Nightwing, Robin was simply used as a contrasting foil for Batman outside of the odd villains.

19 Jun 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - BSG The Board Game

A 2003 TV mini series returned the last survivors of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The drama was survival, set in space. The series was good. No matter how you feel about the last two seasons and the shows controversial conclusion.

BSG changed the way sci-fi presented itself. Use of computer animation, web series between TV seasons, developing characters… the mode of the show was a game changer. The mature drama, approach to serious subject matter and moral gray areas changed the idea of good and dramatic science fiction on TV
Someone at Fantasy Flight had a good idea.

Get some smart game designers make this into a board game experience that unique and that uses the strength of the TV series

In 2008, BSG the board game was released.

18 Jun 2012

Monday Media Fun - E3 and Hitman

E3 post 3 of 4.

Today ladies and sirs I look back at the year 2000. The debates were raging in fandom land on Scully and Mulder’s kiss. I had picked up a new PC that year after the failure of Y2K to keep my interest past 13 Jan.
The first victim of my PC was Hitman: Codename 47, followed by a slew of other releases. It was the first time that I could load the games I wanted on my PC. Before Hitman, I had to load my games on Old Bear’s PC.

As I remember Old Bear got cranky.

So I started up Hitman and the slick graphics gravelly voice took my senses away from me. Then the puzzles kicked in.

Yes dear readers, puzzles. The game is about hunting down and efficiently taking lives of virtual people. I know the difference between real and virtual, that’s a Thursday post for later. No the puzzles was how to go about the crime without setting off the alarms.

Stealth Action games are puzzle games to me. I love the genre. I like it when the stealth goes out the window to stretch the action in stealth action. I like planning each move creating more complex web of actions that lead to a perfect score.

I played all the stealth action games; Tenchu, Siphon Filter, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Deus Ex… you get the idea.

14 Jun 2012

Thursday Thoughts – Facebook 'Friends'

I’ve been trying to write this post over the last couple of days between, work, school and the wife. This blog is a hobby and as such it falls after the previous items.


The internets or what ever sort of label you wish to use is growing. The cultural impact of being able to broadcast to anyone in the world as the levels of access to those broadcasts increase is simply staggering.

If you don’t know the who’s who in the social media scene I suggest looking somewhere else for the educational preamble. Just let it be known that Facebook is used by myself. I use it very simply unlike others I know. They use to keep professional contact with people, contacts and possibilities.

That divergence of use has started to cause rifts with me and the people I know.

I’m ok with that because I don’t care what they think and I do not need for them to like me. We’re not friends, and in some cases, anymore.

Step back with me as I explain my use of the social nexus tool called Facebook.

13 Jun 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - the Flash

The 'new 52' Flash by Manapul
I loved the Flash. Not Barry Allen, he was too old for me. I mean Wally West. The first apprentice to break into the inner circle of the Justice League and graduate to equal status. He had a wife, ended with kids... Wally was special. He was the Flash for so long, yet the looming shadow of Barry Allen was a great back-story and motivator for Wally in his early days.

I liked Wally

Mark Waid introduced the idea of the 'Speed Force' and made Wally's connection to it special back in the 90's. Since then the Speed Force has stayed with the Flash mythos. If you care the Speed Force is an energy source that the various speedsters of the DC universe tap into in order to go really fast. If you can break the 'speed barrier' you can be anywhere at anytime or omnipresent for the fans of the English language.

12 Jun 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Human Sphere

I've mentioned this game before but as this is the third Thusday post I feel like I need to hit the game Infinity before I get labeled as Privateer Press only.

In the wargame world you accept the presence of the six side die, or d6 for short. How many games don't use the d6 in their mechanic? Well that's a hard question and I don't know enough games to give a real answer. I do know of one, Infinity. 

It uses the big boy, made famous by Tatical Simulation Rules better acknoledged as TSR. The makers of the table top miniature wargame Chain Mail and the pen and paper role playing game that followed, born from the Chain Mail rule set. That game was Dungeons and Dragons. 

Cue dark skies, run the thunder, flash the lights.

The tweenty sided die or d20 is used by Corvus Belli.

Who the fuck are these people? They broke all the rules, shattering them to have the shards fall around our heads. The floors glisten with what left of the illusions of the other games. They broke the rules so well, leaving only fine sprinkles of dust that in recompense they chose to give the rules for free.

Yes go onto their website, infinitythegame.com, download the pdf and enjoy. Infinity is worth the price of free. It's an ever evolving game that get updates and changes every so often. Each rule change, army addition and errata is added to the core rules, adjusted and put back in the free or best bin.

You see Privateer Press found a place to compete with Games Workshop, the big daddy of the wargame hobby. They took on the giant and through superior quality in rules, models and community they are rising to fight the monsters of the Hammers. If only to give you another choice. They beat the Workshop at their own game, they played it better.

Going back to Corvus Belli, Infinity is proof you don't need to beat Games Workshop. You can just be a good game and you'll sell. They came up with a smaler model list of such high quality our ilk could not but drool and desire such models. The game mechanics are a strange beast, but quick once you get past the programming of other game systems. The d20, the ARO, Crits... the lingo is littered with some new jive but the essence is still the same. 

So what did Corvus Belli do?

When you offer awesome, you will be ok. People will vote with the wallet. The rise of the game Infinity has encouraged other games to step out of the shadows and try to show the rest of the world that is table top wargaming. 

You see, Infinity is the not the replacement it's the other real choice. It does not tell you to pick one, it says you can have more then one. It's a simple choice to try out and look at what Infinity means. Its the big shift in the world of table top gaming. Not because it's the first. Because it's different and it's so different that the quality looks even greater when you get close to examine whats wrong with this game. 

Like every game it has it's flaws, there is no prefect game... i'll get to that another day. 

Good games come real close. Their efforts and evolution are worthy of the struggle. 

So take at look at what else is out there. Google the keywords below and enjoy.

Sedition Wars, Malifux, Anima Tactics and of course Infinity.