17 Jul 2018

Capital Conflict 2018

Seriously this has been an interesting week after a few interesting weeks.

Capital Conflict is back. Capital Conflict is also an Infinity Tournament that I host for players from all around Canada but most come from Ottawa. As of this post we're looking at getting to my optimal 16 players. We have 11 fully registered via google forms and waiting on three more to fill out their stuff. I'm two players away from having to start worrying about tables. My max is 24 players and that number is a bit nerve wracking for my second event as I don't want to ever sour the community.

I have three tables, Ontos has three tables we can do 12 players... with some tables from some other folks who have 2-4 tables suddenly we're doing well again. Add in the need and you can start hitting up the meta playing locations to lend us their stuff and we're good. So tables is something I'm not worried about.

I have both packages of prizes coming in; Alpha Terrain and Every Little War have shipped the prize support. Our local shop is looking at supporting us and figuring out what they hand out. Depending on the number of players will determine an order of food and maybe some extra terrain.

Running the event is easy with Lady Bear giving me a hand. She helps pick up the food and keep things running facility wise while I work the tables and dish out rulings. Molotov will be doing her thing using Pale Rider's camera taking fancy ass pictures for the event to be posted on Facebook.

I also will be using google forms to pull all the results with lessons learned from last Rumble on Route 66. Google forms has been a learning experience and I'm going to keep using it. I need to sort out a few options on the registration form but it will now be a better experience for my players.

So far so good...

- Cheers


11 Jul 2018

We are back to One

For over a year I've been working on two blogs - this one and the one I ran with a few mates when they had time to hand up some posts. It's not dead but it's in stasis. Until I get more folks to regularly contribute my efforts there have come to an end.

This changes things for me. For one I've not been posting anything here about anything on the table, it was everything but the gaming on the table. I did that so I could use the other blog as a focus for that part of my life and focus on more detailed posts on different subjects. As that is not longer the case I will return to writing about the table here.

Also working only one blog focuses my efforts one a single point in this case this very blog.

I have a lot on my plate right now and this season has not been easy. New house, house renos, GENCON, Capital Conflict 2018, my back, my family... also it's summer I want to enjoy the not winter. So Posts will be coming back slowly into a regular schedule.

I'm here and I'm back posting.

- Cheers


20 Jun 2018

Where are we now?

Well it's been quite a ride over the last month.

G7 and Political stuff happened. Charles Krauthammer has announced his terminal state. E3 happened and there was plenty there for me to enjoy. The move goes on and nears it's end. A bout of gout and slipped disks plague me even today making the move to the new home more interesting. A mate from Rumble lost his sister and another friend from work lost a father.

It's been interesting.

I'll have a post come Canada Day.

- Cheers


27 May 2018

Its been two weeks...

The house is under construction... kinda. I'm opening up a few walls. We have fully moved the whole kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom into the new house. The games, hobby stuff, a few outside odds and ends, last of the books, and all of my second job stuff is still on hold.

Last week I finally took the plunge into Overwatch. I loved Team Fortress 2 and I do like my arena style shooters for quick games to fill in the time when I'm not feeling like being a passive observer with a TV show or when painting and hobbies is too much. They are quick and I can stop at anytime... once a match is finished.

Since it launched I've been looking at what character I could play and would want to play. Do I want to be a Sniper a favorite roll I play in Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six (the older games not the current ones) Battlefield  and FarCry. Do I want to play an assaulter - get in, hit hard, get out and get dug in. I play this is Splinter Cell Coop. I loved playing a support healer in Battlefield running into fire and healing folks. Tanking is something I do but I prefer to only do that in RTS games.

After some thought I decided I would play Reaper, followed but Hanzo/Genji, and when better set Sombra. It's been seven days and I finally feel like a competent Reaper. I react well to new maps and I'm comfortable in familiar maps and game types. I've got a groove and it recently paid off with my best Reaper play yet. I played the first round with some new characters be we were soundly beaten - so I went back to Reaper and well see below...

Not bad huh?

Well today Lady Bear and I will go see Solo. I'll then head off to get some tools from Red and link with with Wolf and show them my projects. I'll get advice before heading off and picking up the wood I need for my two projects that I'm planning to assemble tomorrow as the HVAC, AC, and Water Tanks get installed.

I'm really happy with how things are shaping up around the house. I like what I'm watching on TV - Brooklin 99 Season 5! With some more demos, I'll be set to start building in the games room.

Things are coming up Dozer and family. Hope you all are having a great day.

- Cheers